How You Can Help

This capital campaign is dedicated to allocating the funds to fulfill The Journey’s vision & mission

Make an Impact with Your Gift Today!

Extend a Helping Hand to a Child in Need …

 Our Goal is

to complete Phases I, II and III

The help you give today will impact a child for their entire life.

One-Time Donation

Your one-time donation will be greatly appreciated and help us get one step closer to our goal.

Become a Monthly Donor

Pledge to help us each month with a monthly donation.

Memorial Gift to Honor Someone

Perhaps you would like to donate to honor a loved one or someone special in your life.  Make your gift a Memorial Gift.

Donate Construction Cost of One Home

If a donor wishes to finance an entire Children’s Home, that particular residence will be designated with the name of the benefactor who finances its construction.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

If you are a Corporation and would like to donate, become one of our honored Corporate Sponsors.